Time Off

Time Off

Alright fellas… I’m headed for the knife tomorrow and they tell me I won’t feel like doing much of anything for a week or so. While I can’t imagine not writing for an entire week, I definately will be playing hooky from my other duties: shipping merchandise, stamping Alliance tags, answering emails, etc… So, be patient with me and I’ll get things back to normal just as soon as possible – promise.

In the meantime, what ya gonna do? Why don’t you check out some oldies, but goodies? Ration yourself and just read one a day. You’ll be glad ya did.

Understanding Context, an article about old shit.

The Mabee Special came from my home town. It’s a small world.

A Day In A Crazy Man’s Life…

Bob Bleed talks about Building For Speed.

Dragmaster Dragsters – a pictorial…

The color photos of Bob Roddick.

Home Made Tools & Equipment!

Norm Jones does the 1957 NHRA Nats!

The Coachman Show

Racing With The Devil

As They Were – Some incredible photography…

The Great Putdown is off topic, but wonderful.

A post from 2004 titled, “My Back Hurts.”

News From The Road.

See you fellas later… I plan to be back with a major vengeance very soon.

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