Starbird’s Fantabula – A Bubbletop Bomber

Starbird’s Fantabula – A Bubbletop Bomber

Featured in the February 1963 issue of Car Craft, Fantabula was the latest Star Kustom Shop creation that had just bagged the Best Custom at the NHRA Championship Show in Indy that year. Based on a sectioned 1958 Chevy Biscayne, Darryl Starbird extensively restyled every inch of the car, and featuring frenched tube bumpers at both ends. He of course topped it off with his classic bubble top treatment- This one being an electronically-operated Lucite double-bubble. The special mix lacquer paint was listed as ‘Iced Ruby Red’, and the interior played off the body color with white pearl Naugahyde and red frieze trim. The seats were completely hand-sculpted along with a chrome center console and rear seat-facing television. Fantabulous!


Wanna know more? Jonnie King interviewed Starbird about the car here.

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