My 1955 Chevrolet

My first car was a 1955 Chevrolet hard top. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times before, but I don’t know that I have ever told the whole story. I was around 14 or 15 years old and already heavy into racing in all kinds of forms. As a lot of […]

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McCulloch Superchargers

A note from “Vendettaautofab” brought up a site that I have seen before, but haven’t checked out in years. I’m sure some of you have seen it as well, but the great content here is always worth a second glance. Most of the site is dedicated to the McCulloch VS57 […]

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Mail Call

This is becoming a habit… Welcome to the second installment of the Jalopy Journal Mail Call – a virtual recycle bin for images and files that gather dust in my inbox, but deserve the light of day anyway. Enjoy the goodness after the break.

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Historic Steel

So Dan goes to a salvage yard looking for a good starting point for his son’s hot rod. While kicking up dust and browsing the rows upon rows of old cars, he stumbled across the above ’28/29 roadster body. Done deal – Dan’s son now has a hot rod project. […]

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The Road To Bonneville

Few folks live it like we preach it as well and as on tune as the Rolling Bones group. They build gritty hot rods with style and substance and then proceed to drive the living SHIT out them. I love that. I love them. I love their cars. Brian Darwas […]

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A Blacksmith…

Every now and then, a new member will quietly sneak through the pickets of the H.A.M.B. fence with barely a notice from the faithful despite a huge and obvious surplus of talent. Last week, such a deal went down… Welcome our newest from Norway.

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Friday Art Show

I’m taking the day off to take care of a couple of sick girls at the house. Don’t fret though as the H.A.M.B. has ya covered… You can start by checking out this week’s art thread. It rules.

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Drag Cars

Last night I cruised out to South Austin Speed to check out Fat Lucky’s latest creation (perfect as always) and found myself in a conversation about vintage drag cars. More specifically, we were all giving our opinions on what we considered the most beautiful early drag cars built. My first […]

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1932 Ford Promo Video

“Les Firestein – For 17 years known as the “Ford Man” in East Bay.” A great promotional video pimping Firestein’s 1932 Ford sweepstakes. I love the language used and it’s always kind of surreal to see multiple stock ’32s rolling around. I guess this video has been floating around the […]

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