Firewall Gauges

Firewall Gauges

While tending to some “paper work” this morning, I ran across a letter to the editor of Car Craft Magazine in 1957 explaining the benefits of firewall mounted tuning gauges. Then, I noticed the next month there was yet another letter to the editor explaining the stupidity and over-complexity of the same arrangement. Before long, we had a 1957 version of a full on Twitter war between the virtues and distaste of firewall mounted gauges – each side thinking they knew what was best for the other.

Me? I’m on team “Mount Gauges Wherever The Hell You Want.”

So much so, in fact, that I apparently started a directory in 2011 for images of firewall mounted gauges. I must have lost interest pretty quickly because the directory only held eight images. Disappointing… So, here I am, hat in hand, asking for some help – you guys have any decent images of gauges mounted on the wrong side? If so, I could use them!

Post them in the comments.

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