HD Fuel Pump

HD Fuel Pump

I spent the weekend with family in Santa Rosa, CA. As you read this, I’m hopping on an airplane and heading back to Texas. Obviously, I didn’t have much time for a post this morning but I thought I would leave you with one of the tidbits of old Ford information you always pick up when you hang out with the best damned traditional hot rod builder in the world – Keith Tardel.


So you have a hot flathead and you need more fuel than the stock pump can deliver? No sweat… Next time you are at the swap meet, put your eagle eye on and look for the fuel pump poorly pictured below (sorry, I only had time for a quick iPhone shot). These trick little outfits were found on flathead powered buses and some large trucks. Since the gas tank was further away from the motor on many of these long haulers, a higher volume fuel pump was needed. This requirement, of course, lead to one hell of a fuel pump for a hot rodder searching for more volume.

They aren’t easy to find these days, so if ya spot one be sure to pick it up.

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