Cruising Los Angeles in 1961…

Cruising Los Angeles in 1961…

I’m still on my kick of finding old films remastered at 60 frames per second, and here’s another cruise through downtown LA, but this time it’s in 1961. I’m figuring that must be the year by the cars driving by, of course, and by the movie theater marque playing Marlon Brando’s “One Eyed Jacks”. Lots of great cars to check out in this film, including the shoebox Ford with custom grille seen briefly, and a street-parked ’61 Pontiac wagon. Love that year for Ponchos! Overall, it seems like way more Chevys (and Cadillacs) on the road than Fords, from what I can see. I also love all the cool southern California neon signs and architecture… Los Angeles in a simpler time, for sure.

OK, if you could only get one, which car in this clip would you grab to take home and customize?

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