Dick Jackson’s 1954 Mercury

Dick Jackson’s 1954 Mercury

Hello ladies and gentlemen… It’s time for yet another installment of… Drum roll please:


Ryan: This week’s lucky caller is Seymour Butts. Seymour, thanks for calling in. It’s great to have you. What kind of bullshit can I drop on you?

Seymour: Long time listener, first time caller. Thanks for answering. I wanted to know what your favorite obscure custom of all time is?

Ryan: Well Seymour, that’s a great question. And I think that all depends on your criteria for what constitutes “obscure.” That being said, I’ve always really enjoyed Dick Jackson’s 1954 Mercury.


OK, this is all a lie. No one ever calls me. And if they did, I wouldn’t answer. It’s just that as you read this, I’m 100′ deep in the Atlantic Ocean petting Tiger sharks. I wrote that crap above last week while brainstorming for this very feature. I wanted to bring up Dick’s Mercury and couldn’t come up with a lead in and…

Damnit man… I’ve always loved this car. Putting aside the perfect chop and stance, the great subtraction work here and there and the obvious – you know what pulls me the most? The 1955 Mercury Montclair stainless below the greenhouse. I’ve always loved this trim on just about any car, but I can’t help but think about Dick’s car anytime I see it.

Perfect execution.

Anyway, you can read more about this car here.


Editor’s Note: So long as the sharks don’t smell the fear, I should be back next week. See y’all then.


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