The Best At The Round Up

The Best At The Round Up

Hey fellas… It’s Round Up week in Austin. That means that all hell has broken loose and people are running around like one legged men in ass kicking contests. Seriously. It would be comical if I wasn’t just as crazy… So don’t expect any literary masterpieces this week on The Jalopy Journal from me.

Anyway, this got me thinking. What’s your favorite Round Up car of all time? You get one choice and you have to have a picture. Other than that, no restrictions. And yeah, I know it’s hard/impossible. My choice would probably change week to week depending on my mood as well. But we are talking about right now, right here.

What is my choice this very minute? A coupe that, ironically, really isn’t my style. It’s just that it was so well done and so smartly styled¬†that to this day, I still think about it regularly. It’s pictured above. I think Tuki painted it. He paints cool shit.

Your move.


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