Master’s “Dragcoup”

Master’s “Dragcoup”

The first time I had really ever considered the “Master Race Team” was when viewing the famous old hot rod video produced by Hot Rod Magazine – Ingenuity in Action (part 1part 2). In the video, you get to follow the team across country as they gear up for the Nationals. It’s more than likely the best drag racing story ever told with motion video.

After falling in love with that video so many years ago, I began to hunt down other sources and stories based around the team. As most of you probably know, the team was extraordinarily successful in a number of different cars. It’s a story that’s never been told in it’s entirety (at least that I know of) and I’ve decided it’s one that I really want to tell. In due time… That article is coming.

For now and in honor of the H.A.M.B. Drags (which are only a few days away), I give you one of the baddest drag coupes of all time – The Master’s Dragcoupe. Enjoy the photos and add more if you have them!

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