Vintage 2009

Vintage 2009

Back in 2009, John Joyo and I did Bonneville together. We sort of sat on the sidelines of the Old Crow operation and basked in the glory of popping our salt cherry while the boys crewed the hell out of the belly tank. To put it more succinctly, it was one of those snap shots in life that I think both of us wish we could just relive over and over again.

Anyway, we covered all of this on The Jalopy Journal at the time… But we now host about the twice the traffic as we did back then and I’m betting most of you haven’t seen this video. It was shot by way of duck taped iPhones stuck wherever we could put them… and it turned out to be the final run of the season due to a burnt piston.

I’ll shut up now… and you get to watchin:


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