JB Cochran

JB Cochran


JB Cochran (far right) was my grandfather. He ran and operated “Cochran Garage” in Ada, OK for a number of years before passing away at an early age. Many of you have seen the lead photo of this article before, but I’ve never told the story of how I got it… And frankly, I owe it to my Aunt Judy to do so.

It was Thanksgiving in 1999 and I drove my 1951 Chevrolet coupe from Norman, OK to Dallas, TX to celebrate with extended family. While there, my Aunt Judy pulled out the family album. I flipped through it looking for shots of the grandfather I’ve never met, but always resembled. Towards the back, this 5″ by 7″ sepia tone appeared. I had to have it, but Aunt Judy wasn’t giving it up.

A deal was struck and it was agreed that I could take the photo home to scan it, but had to send the original back once finished. I did everything but send it back… Yes, I stole from my own Aunt. I’m not proud of that, but I can’t help it either. She has since forgiven me.

So that’s the story of my family heirloom. What’s yours?

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