Hot Rods & Haircuts

A few weeks ago I wrote about Avenue Barber Shop and its old world vibe… Afterwards, a few of us Austinites got together and decided we needed to pick a Saturday morning, hop in our hot rods, and head to Congress for a haircut. Well, it’s going down this Saturday […]

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Straighten Up & Fly Right

As Silva and I got out of my little a-coupe, we were greeted by a P-51 Mustang roaring through the sky at less than 400 feet. Once passed, the fighter put its nose up and banked hard away from us. The resulting profile against the bluest of Texas skies was […]

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Mystery ’32 Sedan

  While brainstorming ideas for this very post, I came across a scan of my favorite Hot Rod Magzine cover ever – October, 1951. I’ve just always loved this cover shot as there is so much going on, so much to look at, so many cars to place, etc… After […]

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Tach Tech

Not many things are cooler than a vintage tach monitoring your vintage power plant, but let’s face it – most early tachs don’t work for shit and they come with all kinds of headaches such as bulky senders (on the electrical side) or really expensive drives and brackets (on the […]

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Keith Weesner

  Here at The Jalopy Journal world headquarters we have a few walls that are filled from baseboard to crown molding with art… And anyone that has ever been here could probably tell ya straight away that I am huge fan of Keith Weesner’s work. One wall is almost entirely filled […]

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Edwin “Rip” Nix

  You might know him as June Carter’s second husband. Or ya might not… Truth be told, not many folks know much of anything about Rip. He was a cop in Nashville, a garage owner, and despite what Hollywood might tell ya – he never drove stock cars. Autobiographies don’t […]

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I’ve never been to the Viva Las Vegas car show, but judging from the show coverage this one gets stranger and larger every year. Check out a small tasting of the coverage on the H.A.M.B.: 1. 255 photos from Lotus 2. The Birdman chimes in

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  My a-coupe was running a tad lean for street bombing, so Tardel and I changed the jets in the Strombergs out for some bigger holes (Thanks Riley Automotive!) before he hopped a plane and headed back west. Last night after work, I decided that I needed a stress reducer […]

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Old Cars: The Great Equalizer

  Early on Saturday morning, I had the chance to walk away from The Jalopy Journal booth and check out a car I’ve wanted to study for some time now. I had heard about Jimmie Vaughan’s ’54 Ford through a mutual friend and it just sounded like a car that I […]

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