Hot Rod Blowout

It has always amazed me how far reaching traditional hot rodding and customizing really is. I guess the European scene is to be expected (WW2 and all…), but the fanatical following in Australia and New Zealand is nothing short of incredible. These aren’t huge populous bases, but it looks like […]

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Shirts For The Working Man

Yep, you can still get your H.A.M.B. and Jalopy Journal shirts… In fact, these will most likely be available for another month or so. We are still taking pre-orders, but hope to get the first shipment out next week. Get yours here.

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The Bubble Top

Note: Rendering above by one of my favorites – Chris Ito! I’ve taken quite a bit of heat in the past for my stance on 60′s era showrods with bubble tops. While in many instances the bubble top creates a completely wild and futuristic look, the bottom line┬ácomes by way […]

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Tech Week Continues…

Another day, another great tech read. This one comes from Rikster and as usual, it has an extra special lean to it… He was able to talk the legendary Barry Mazza into showing us how he rolls. There are a lot of nice chopped Mercs out there and a lot […]

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Tech Week!

If you haven’t noticed, this week is Tech Week on the H.A.M.B.. So far we have seen a good bunch of simple tech posts that just about anyone can follow… For a full list, click here. Obviously, this list will expand as the week goes on. I think my favorite […]

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Detroit Autorama

Over and done… Some folks thought it was down this year while others thought it was up. Just judging by the coverage on the H.A.M.B., it looks to me like there was some pretty damn cool rides sitting motionless under a roof. And, of course… Zenor’s a-coupe debuted. Rad. Check […]

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Avenue Barber Shop

As a hot rod guy, one of the best things about Austin, TX is the seemingly endless list of venues full of people with like mind. There’s the Continental Club for drinks, Lucky’s for more, Guero’s for grub, Flyrite for bench racing, Sawyer Ranch for living, the hills for driving… […]

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Hot Rod Commute

The weather has been perfect here in Austin this past week, so I’ve been putting my model-a coupe through its paces as a commuter. I actually live about 25 miles from downtown, so my drive to and from work is usually a good one – blast down 290 and enjoy […]

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M/T: Mickey Thompson

Thanks to Autoblog for the tip… They stumbled across this incredible site full of vintage photography featuring the legendary Mickey Thompson. It’s hard to argue that Mickey Thompson was not the most influential hot rodder of all time when looking at those photos and thinking about all he accomplished. He […]

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