The 1970s…

It was a weird time for hot rods. “Restorods” were the big deal… In a decade most remembered for over-the-top style, Gerald Ford, The Brady Bunch, and bell bottoms it’s interesting to note so much restraint on four wheels. Essentially, folks brought their cars back close to stock, gave them […]

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1/4 Mile Virgin

I remember being pretty nervous as my Dad and I registered for the race. I thought the odds of us getting my 15 year old ass on the starting line were slim to say the least. We were handed an entry form as we went through the track gates and did […]

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Around 30 folks, some I have never even met, got together this weekend and worked their asses off to ensure that the 1951 H.A.M.B. Calendars got to their rightful owners. They packed, taped, licked stamps and drank a few beers for all of us… Just like they do every year… […]

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The Best Of…

Photo Credit: David Perry (Where are you man?)  I spent most of last night getting all the 1951 H.A.M.B. Calendar orders ready for Denise’s consumption. It’s a mindless task of copy and pasting, typing, etc… so I had plenty of time to just sit and think about The Jalopy Journal […]

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Solo Modified

Modified builders and drivers are a different type of fellow. The very essence of these cars is simplicity and minimalism. If it doesn’t make the car perform, you won’t find it… That includes anything that makes the passengers comfortable in any way. RottonRon is just the type. In fact, he’s […]

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Chasing Down the Three-Oh-Nine

Editors Note: The following is a passage from Roger Jetter’s new book “Fast Cars, 4-Speeds, and Fist Fights.” Running about 65 per and some distance ahead of us, we could see the train’s caboose red taillight blinking in and out thru the trees. “Shakes” was trying his damnedest to catch […]

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Dramatic, but in a good way… Darby put his old camera and his voice to work in creating a slick little monologue of sorts. Theres some great looking footage to go along with the commentary. Take a break and watch the video.

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Dizzy Flathead

A few weeks ago I was at war with reproduction points meant for ’42 to ’48 flathead distributors. After buying 6 or 7 sets made by different folks, I came to the conclusion that 1 out of every 3 or so were just plain bad. They simply wouldn’t keep their […]

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HA/GR Entries From Down Under

I’ve been out of town all weekend and am just getting back in the flow of things. While getting caught up on my emails, I ran across a little note from QQmoon. The guys in Aussie land have got 6 HA/GR cars together and they all made their first appearance […]

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