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Art & Inspiration Those Pictures on Your Wall

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by J.Ukrop, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. 6sally6
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    Not a nude calendar in the lot!!!!
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  2. When I was a kid I was more into airplanes and tanks, my room was full of models and pics. My interest in old cars started when I was a teenager. I have quite some car model stuff around the house and also in the garage (the gun is just an old children's toy gun):

    garage1.jpg garage2.jpg garage5.jpg garage4.jpg garage3.jpg
  3. LOWDUG37
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  4. On my Wall in a newspaper article, 39 Merc, I built with John D.
  5. WB69
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    That could definitely inspire a person.
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  6. tran2 (3).jpg
    I like this piece. I bought it off of the guy that sells chrome stuff at the car shows. It hung in his Dad's shop, then his, and now he's selling stuff off and moving to FL. I just thought it was neat.
  7. winduptoy
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    So Robert is an Albuquerque boy and describes his art as 'Low Brow'. My buddy went to high school with Robert and they were good friends. My buddy has Roberts draft notice with art doodling on the back....that got me hooked but he has it on his garage wall
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  8. 298789DA-476C-4CAC-BE28-2D0C9C215251.jpeg The pictures formerly on my wall have been reduced to a drawer.
  9. citroenantiques
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    I've added some goodies this week

    shell - 67.JPG 74673149_126662118749961_3871027021425410048_n.jpg DSC_4588.JPG DSC_4589.JPG DSC_4590.JPG DSC_4595.JPG DSC_4596.JPG DSC_4597.JPG
  10. The red bell is from a gas station in Manitoba where my 82 year old neighbour worked in the 50's. Pulled it out from under his bench and told me to look after it.

    IMG_20191005_091127.jpg IMG_20191005_092432.jpg
    Continue reading the Original Blog Post[/QUOTE]
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  11. I had some of my photos of my cars/bikes put onto canvas and sprinkled them throughout the house, some still wrapped in plastic until I'm for sure where they're going.
    I've got a bunch of old signs new/old signs, posters and just cool junk to hang on the garage walls whenever I get them finished.
    20180925_173845.jpg 20180925_082918.jpg 20180924_205800.jpg 20191117_013308.jpg 20180925_082254.jpg 20191117_013435.jpg
  12. jnaki
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    Hey Mark,
    You always have a wonderful collection of just about everything hot rod and custom cars. It was interesting to show the Drag Boat race album as part of your wall decorations. I was wondering if you still have the LP about the World Championship Drag Boat Races at the Long Beach Marine Stadium. I am putting together my drag boat films for an addition to the files for future museum displays on the west coast. If you happen to have the LP album and perhaps in digital form, we could do a trade of sorts.

    If you don't have the digital copies of the album, there are several ways to make digital copies from a USB record player or local stores that do video reproductions on flash drives.

    Sometimes, people just have the record inside of the album on the wall. My son has our 50-60's LP record collection. He has several of ours, as his favorites, in glass enclosed wall frames. That is a great way to preserve the original art, photos, and the LP. As long as it stays out of the direct sunlight and heat.

    If you do have the original LP, I would need photos of the cover and back cover telling who is making what run on the LP recording. So, I could edit the original recording of the exact racer and the films that I have. Please let me know asap.

    upload_2019-11-18_8-47-51.png thank you...
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  13. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    I think we have talked about this several times before... the LP is nos and still in its original cellophane wrapper. I do not have it in digital. I bet you can buy one of the albums on ebay if you need it.... good luck
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  14. Fitnessguy
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    A little bit of my collection

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  15. jnaki
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    Hey Mark,
    It was another LP about Drag Racing in So Cal. But, thanks for the info. I have found several online. But, I am leery about having paid for them and then arriving cracked or whatever. I am even leery about sending photo files or movies via a protected, small metal flash drive, since I had several smashed by the USPS when I was using that method for transfer. Now, it is strictly digital transfers via a secure email system for digital files.

    I need to find someone that already has that Drag Boat Championships LP and is willing to get it digitized. Then, transfer via email is pretty much safe and secure way to send things.

    Thanks again,


    SO, does anyone have this Drag Boat World Championship LP album? I would like the front cover, the rear information of who is racing on each track and of course, the actual digital tracks (sounds) on the LP album.

    If anyone does have the digital copy that LP Album, please PM me for more information. When the finished product is ready for production or on a display, you will be given credit, as will the production company if they are still in business.

    Thank you...
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  16. corndog
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    from Indiana

    Attached Files:

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    from IDAHO

    Items From The Past... DSCN1811.JPG
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    0FACF8BC-EDE3-42EE-BC89-53C5D61AB2E6.jpeg 4867DF14-BC75-4F40-8DCD-414F2FA06DA3.jpeg Had to build a shelf out in the garage for all these trophies. The wife graciously kicked them out of the basement.
  19. v8flat44
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  20. Shutter Speed
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    Shutter Speed

  21. I haven't got my garage tidied up yet, but I have mounted a picture of Marilyn Monroe.
    I got this picture made right before I quit working with Amada cnc punching machines and lasers.
    This picture is made of a 1mm steel plate, punched with ø1mm to ø6mm tools on an Amada EMZ 3610.

    The program had to be divided into two programs because the memory of the machine was not big enough to make this raster image in one go.
    I belive the punching machine worked for more than one hour.

    Rune Waltoft from Norway[​IMG][​IMG]
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