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History The Hawaiian Custom

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Ryan, Jan 23, 2023 at 9:14 AM.

  1. Ryan
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    Ryan submitted a new blog post:

    The Hawaiian Custom


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  2. A very cool car, and if it came to my garage I wouldn't change a thing. However, if I were building one I wouldn't do the running board delete.
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  3. I think it may have been featured in another magazine as well?
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  4. Ryan
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  6. Jungle Jalopy
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    Jungle Jalopy

    Fantastic! Hawaii is holding.
  7. krylon32
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    from Nebraska

    Couldn't ask for more. It would stand as tall today as it did then. Hopefully Ryan will track this one down on one of his trips to Hawaii.
  8. @Ryan -

    Funny you posted this today ... just this past weekend, I stumbled upon my father's December 1952 issue of HOP UP ... and was wondering if the canary yellow '36 was built by the same "Dale Barrett" that I had met several years ago at my aunt & uncle's house in Kailua (on the windward side of Oahu).

    My uncle Ted & Dale were both retired commercial airline pilots and lived near each other.

    The day I met Dale, I must have been wearing some sort of automotive related tee-shirt because he asked me what kind of cars I had.

    IIRC, I told him about the current stable of cars in my garage ... including my father's Hemi-powered '32 Ford (that he had started building in 1954). To my surprise, Dale told me he had built a "Hot Rod" in the early fifties as well. I don't remember him mentioning it was a '36 Ford or that it was featured in any magazines ... but seeing Gene Trindl's feature article in HOP UP got me curious.

    Unfortunately, both my Uncle Ted & Dale have passed on :( ... so I can't confirm if this '36 was indeed Dale's old car.

    Here's Dale's obituary (from the Honolulu Star Advisor) and some comments (from a Delta Airlines Pilots Blog):

    capt. d.a. barrett.jpg
    Dale August Barrett
    January 6, 1934 ~ November 9, 2015

    Dale August Barrett, 81, of Kaneohe, a retired Delta Airlines pilot, died in Kailua. He was born in Los Angeles. He is survived by wife Diane P., son John and two grandchildren. Private services.


    • Friends have notified us that Captain Dale Barrett passed away recently. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Honolulu, Dale August Barrett was 81 years of age at the time of his passing. Captain Barrett joined Delta Air Lines 01-02-1956 and was based in Miami, then PDX prior to his retiring. He is survived by his wife Diane.
    • I just received the sad news that Dale Barrett flew West a few days ago in Hawaii. He was hired by Delta around 1956 and spent most of his career in Miami. He was an avid sailor having been raised in HNL. He told me he was a young boy, playing in front of his aunt's home when a plane flew overhead and the pilot waived at him. It had a large red spot on the side. It rolled out and dropped a bomb on Kaneohe Bay USMC airbase.
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  9. Ryan
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    I should be able to find out for you (us).
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  10. stuart in mn
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    stuart in mn

    Born in 1934 would have made him 18 years old in 1952, so he would have been in the right age group. He must have had to coolest car in the high school parking lot.
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  11. Dooley
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    from Buffalo NY

    The frame cover was the same that Barris used in his early 36.. as a few others .. way cool 36
  12. X-cpe
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    My dad was a 21 year old PBY crewman stationed there that day.
  13. Hot Rods Ta Hell
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    Love that 36.
    Ryan, if you track it down, it would be killer if you could do a photo shoot. Maybe replicate the original cover photo. Couple of dudes, couple of loud vintage Hawaiian shirts...

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