Tasteful Interior: The ’55 Studebaker

Tasteful Interior: The ’55 Studebaker

My dad just finished up his latest project, a 1955 Studebaker Commander hardtop, that came out stunning. One of the crown jewels of this entire car is the Don Kite interior. Don and my father go back 40+ years in Kansas City, and although Don is retired from the upholstery business, he’ll still do an interior for a friend, if he’s poked hard enough. Mr. Kite only has one rule- It WILL be dead-on, 100% perfect. He pays attention to interior details with the perfectionism of a watch maker and the patience of a saint. You don’t rush him, and you don’t tell him how to do the job. Put the money on the table and walk away. You’ll get better than you could ever hope for. Everytime.

Witness the results:

Note the retractable rear seat ashtray– I love Studebaker interiors for details like this.

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