Junior Johnson Destroys Ascot

Junior Johnson Destroys Ascot

I found this motion picture while browsing YouTube last night. The title is something along the lines of “Junior Johnson at Ascot Park.” However, at the end of the clip you can see the name “Mike Marsh” painted on as the driver’s name. Even so, the driver looks an awfully lot like Mr. Junior Johnson… and he sure drives like him. Could it be that this fine footage was shot for a movie of sorts and Junior was the stunt driver?

Maybe someone out there can fill us in.

Regardless of the conjecture, this is the best vintage Stock Car footage I’ve ever seen. The driver (whoever the hell he is) fires that big ole Galaxy as if it were a gun stolen from a cop. He hits and misses the apexes as if he has nothing to fear or lose. You can literally watch him grab life by the neck and ring it for all it’s worth. It takes one hell of a driver to make a car appear that lose without hitting something. Art.

Enjoy it.


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