Bert Bloomquist Images part 4: The Pits.

Bert Bloomquist Images part 4: The Pits.

Continuing on with the images from Bert’s Brownie (click for part I, part II and part III) I’ve gathered some of the race cars and support vehicles as they sat in the pits, waiting in line to run, or just tooling around. Again, many of the images are blurry and grainy, but I argue that they convey raw emotion that make them worth viewing just the way they are. I imagine that if I was standing at El Mirage for a 1947 SCTA gathering like Bert was,  I’d be so shaken with the excitement of seeing so many iconic cars, that my images would be entirely useless. Thankfully, Bert had an eye for taste… And a Brownie on hand.

More to come…

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