1941… Swag

1941… Swag

I had a crazy weekend and didn’t have much time to put together a post for this morning. So instead of filling you with hot rod and custom goodness, I figured I’d pitch the latest swag to hit the TJJ store. I know… I know… Shameless. But what the hell?

First up is our new TJJ long-sleeve. We’ve never done a long sleeve shirt and this one just kind of came together. Coby from Church did a little design for me years ago and I just happened to stumble on it around the same time by good pal, Johnny Joyo, decided to fiddle around a bit with a screen printing machine. The TJJ long-sleeve was born… I think it’s pretty rad. We printed a hundred of them – first come, first served.

Long-sleeves are perfect for keeping your girly arms warm.

Then last week, Thom Taylor launched a couple of t-shirts to support his Throttle brand. I typically don’t like selling other people’s swag, but Thom’s designs were just too choice. I had to have some… and figured you guys might feel the same.

Red... in 1941.

The 42B shirt... My favorite.

In any case, you can get them all here.

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