The Devin SS

The Devin SS

Bill Devin was once described as the “The Enzo Ferrari of Okie Flats”, but in reality he was a hot rodder, just like you or me. He just like things that went fast, and looked good. Devin started building small fiberglass bodied sportscars and kit cars in the early 50s, but most will agree his crowning achievement was the Devin SS. A pure, hand-built sportscar featuring a tube chassis, fully independent suspension, inboard disc brakes and a Weber-carbureted Corvette drivetrain. It was a heck of a racer for the money, and the few complete cars built were snapped up quickly. Ak Miller set a new Pikes Peak record in 1958 with a Hot Rod magazine-sponsored Devin, and many more SS Devin’s embarrassed Ferrari owners at tracks around the US.

My Dad came across an unrestored Devin SS Project for sale a few years ago, and painstakingly brought it back to life, going on very few bits of information about the undocumented car. Once it was complete I had a chance to take a ride in the car, and the term “Power to Weight Ratio” quickly came to mind. A 1900 pound car with 300+ horsepower. Whats not to like?


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