Magic Highway USA

Magic Highway USA

On May 14, 1958 the Disneyland TV program on ABC ran an episode called “Magic Highway, U.S.A.” It examined the past, present and imaginary future of automobile transportation on the American highways. My only question is, “What the heck happened?!” Sure we’ve got cell phones and DVD players in cars, but it just makes for distracted drivers who are complete knuckleheads, running over motorcyclists, falling off bridges, and hitting poles. There is one good thing about our lack of technological transportation progress in the past 50 years- 2010 automobiles still have 4 wheels on the ground, and they still use gas and oil– That means our hot rods and customs can still be driven and used the way they were meant to be! Alright, maybe this rant is a little off topic, but enjoy the film for the great mid century design, if nothing else!

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