A fine pair: ’34 Sedan and ’35 Delivery.

A fine pair: ’34 Sedan and ’35 Delivery.

I went up north to see a friends collection of vintage motorcycle and travel trailer crust on Saturday, and was simply overwhelmed by the amount of ultra-rare and unique collectibles he had. I’ve seen some neat collections, but this guy has stuff you will *never* see anywhere else- ‘One of One’ items, if you will. Amongst the two-wheeled treasures was this pair of fine Fords. A black 34 Tudor, and a cool lil’ 35 Sedan Delivery. They both sat just right, had tasteful, mild mods, and both had the right amount of patina. These body styles cost much less than a 3 or 5 window coupe of the same year, and you can fit the whole family! I kept going back and forth on which one of these beauties I liked more, but both have their merits. Like bookends, I’d hate to break the set up…


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