Captivated by a Corvette

Captivated by a Corvette

You’re either a Corvette person or you’re not. Right? That seems a little too black and white to me, but there’s no denying that they’re downright polarizing. When I stumbled upon this 1956 Corvette at the San Francisco Old Car Picnic earlier this fall, I wasn’t thinking about its value or pedigree. Instead, I was fascinated by its condition.

The car was well-worn and well-loved. The paint, an old Nassau Blue, was scratched in some places and faded in others. At some point, the coves were painted red. It’s just the right amount of custom.

Under the hood, the hot rod flavor continued. Highlights include a 2×4 intake, nine-fin valve covers and some very nice detailing. Nothing is out of place on this car—not one nut, bolt or fitting.

The more I think about it, the more this car has in common with my favorite hot rods. Old paint? Check. Fresh and functional drivetrain? Check. The ability to drive it anywhere, park it anywhere and not worry about it? Double check.

Even though I wasn’t able to find the owner, it’s clear that this C1 had a story to tell. Maybe I’ll get to hear it one day.

Regardless, I’d drive this car daily. Wouldn’t you?

Joey Ukrop

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