The Jalopy Auction House!

The Jalopy Auction House!

Alright fellas. The Jalopy Auction House is open for business. For sellers anyway… This week I’ve started recruiting sellers to list their cars. If you know of anyone looking to sell their cars and think they might be willing to go the extra mile with photos (and video if possible), please have them holler at me.

To recap, The Jalopy Auction House is a pre-65 traditional hot rod and custom auction site that:

  1. Is 100% FREE for sellers.
  2. Allows sellers to set a reserve.
  3. Allows sellers to set a minimum bid amount.
  4. Supports high resolution photos and videos.
  5. Will be promoted outside (and inside) the HAMB quite a bit. I expect to have over a million page views per day at launch.

I hope to be launching the first auction a week after next? I think? The site is done, verified secure, and ready to go… I just want to make sure I launch with the right number and the right variety of auctions.

In any case, sorry the spam/promotion. But yeah – holler at me via Private Message if you want to get involved.

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