Hey, That Thing For Sale?

Hey, That Thing For Sale?

So the last few months or so, I’ve been working behind the scenes on an auction site. The idea is to build something that gives sellers a free place to offer their traditional hot rods and customs up for auction so long as they are willing to go that extra mile in documenting (both with words and lots and lots of photos) exactly what it is they are selling.

In turn, buyers are given a place to shop this market with a little more comfort and confidence than the typical classified ad provides. Monetization is done through a 3.5% commission on all sales- paid by the buyer.

Most of the last few months and much of the budget of this project has been spent on security – for both parties. In order to bid, you have to first provide your credit card information. In order to sell, your listing must be both comprehensive and accurate. We will be hand picking, curating if you will, each auction…

Of course, this idea is nothing new. Sites like Bring A Trailer and Cars & Bids have been doing something similar for years. Our site, however, is gonna be a bit cheaper and more focused on what it is we all love – traditional hot rods and customs.

So, that’s the plan. But, I need help… I am planing on launching the site in BETA in a few weeks, but before I do so I would like to pre-load the site with five to ten auctions. Anyone looking to sell their car?

If so, just send me a private message with a description of your car along with a few photos. Afterwards, I will get back to you with all the details needed to be listed on launch day. And don’t be shy… You are able to set your own starting price as well as a reserve if you so desire one. ‘

That’s it… Hit me up if you are interested.

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