1948 Plymouth

1948 Plymouth

I was flying down I-35 just north of Dallas, TX on Tuesday when I spotted a custom in the corner of my eye coming from the opposite direction. I whipped my head around just fast enough to see a white ’48 Plymouth sporting whitewalls on chrome reverse wheels, a perfect stance, and a glowing bright red interior. It was striking and I was impressed.

This morning I set out to find a similar car that I knew I had seen in an old little book. I started flipping through my stack of magazines and about half way through, I finally found the car I was thinking of. The Plymouth pictured here was featured in the June, 1958 issue of Car Speed & Style. It’s a typically small article for a non-Ford, but the author asks the same question that I’ve been pondering – Why don’t we see more of these?

Sure, they are boxy and the proportions aren’t quite right… BUT, one you get the stance down those problems seem to disperse and leave you with a car that actually flows pretty well. Perform some conservative modifications such as a shave here and there and maybe a frenched license plate surround and you end up with a car that is darn right pretty.

What do you think?


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