Finned Air Filters & The Discovery Revolution

Finned Air Filters & The Discovery Revolution

So-Cal Air Cleaner

The aftermath of the Discovery Channel/Jesse James phenom was pretty embarrassing. Our little niche of fabricators, artists, and mechanics was suddenly in a race to see who could liquidate their “image” the quickest. We had beanie wearing fabricators all over the country getting glamour shots and video portfolios put together as fast as they possibly could in an effort to get some of that “Jesse money“. It even worked for some folks… Good for them, I guess… but man has it been painful television for those in the know.

Not even the venerable So-Cal Speedshop was spared as the ultra-talented Jimmy Shine printed up shirts, built a website, and even got thrown on the tube a few times. It’s starting to calm down now and as the dust clears we are seeing who is left and dedicated to serving the common folks – Hot Rodders. 

So-Cal Speedshop is still here and I’ve been impressed with their latest product offerings. This finned air cleaner($124.95) is a great example of innovation with a keen respect towards tradition. I dig it… And I dig the fact that the boys at So-Cal are back doing what they do best – Hot Rods.

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