The 2006 Lonestar Roundup

The 2006 Lonestar Roundup

2006 Lonestar Roundup

I’m not a car show guy. I don’t like going to parks, sitting in lawn chairs, or staring at cars that have been immobilized by the promise of trophies or awards. Cars look best in motion and I’ve always felt like car events should be rolling get togethers… always focused on driving.

There is one exception to that rule for me and that is the Lonestar Roundup held in Austin, Tx. Somehow the boys in the Kontinentals figured out how to hold a traditional parked car show without losing focus on what these cars are all about in the first place – driving. I can’t explain how they do it. I can’t explain the atmosphere. I can’t explain the feeling… Simply put, it is the best damned car show in America. Period.

The 2006 Lonestar Roundup is coming fast. Get more details at the official web site or make plans on the H.A.M.B. in our planning forum.

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