All Lettered Up

All Lettered Up

In all of my time, one-shot has never so much as touched a car I’ve owned. I’ve just never had an occasion or car that I felt was appropriate for lettering or striping. The Tardel-Cochran coupe was the last car I ever thought I would be breaking my one-shot virginity with, but it just sort-of happened. I had been staring at “The Miller Dynasty” book quite a bit and the lettering from the 30’s and 40’s era cars were really starting to resonate with me. It wasn’t long before the ultra-talented Von Franco and I were discussing the possibilities.

I spent some free time sketching out some lettering ideas and then headed over to Franco’s this past Friday. We rapped about the possibilities and finally settled on a subtle location low on the firewall. He first sharpened up his grease pencil and sketched out the letters by eye. Everything looked swell, so he then fired up the brushes and one-shot and went to town. Emotionally, the experience was very much like getting a tattoo.

“Oh shit, that’s god’s skin. Should I be doing this?”

“Wow. I think it’s going to be okay.”

“But what if I don’t like it?”

“Is this a huge fucking mistake?”

Once Franco finished up, it became pretty obvious that we had done good. The size was perfect and the location kept the art from leaping out at ya. The Tardel-Cochran coupe was still subtly evil… and now it was appropriately labeled as well!

Enjoy the process:



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