IronTrap Garage

IronTrap Garage

I’ve said this plenty of times before, but I can’t stomach reality TV shows or the personalities needed to make them tick. When watching them, I just have this overwhelming feeling of condescension. It’s as if by merely watching the stupidity, I’m soaking it in and keeping it for my own.

So, I don’t watch that shit…

By that same token, I’ve stayed away from YouTube and the various hot rod “vlogs” that are out there. In a lot of cases, these seem to just be cheaper variations of what you can watch on the Discovery Channel. I think these guys watch the “pros” do it and figure, “Hell, I could do that…” And they do, not realizing they are emulating fatuity.

Recently, however, I stumbled upon IronTrap Garage on YouTube. And while there are certainly moments of cringe and tads of amateurism (welcomed), it’s different from the typical reality TV programming or other vlogs in that the guy running the deal puts the cars first. He doesn’t seem to be worried about a fictional timeline or vanity – he just loves old hot rods and seems to have a passion for documenting them in a smart way.

I can get behind that. Granted, the bar is pretty damned low in this medium, but this is quality content done for the right reasons and in the right way. I’m impressed. Maybe you will be too?

Check it out here.

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