Pebble Beach Car Week has been cancelled…

Pebble Beach Car Week has been cancelled…

The news finally became official on April 22nd, when the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance cancelled what would have been their 70th anniversary show. With the pandemic’s end still being a big question mark, and the amount of planning and logistics an international event like this requires, the organizers had little choice as summer was quickly approaching them. It’s a huge deal in the entire car world for a multitude of reasons; The PB Concours is the finale in an entire week of car auctions, shows, gatherings, and displays on a scale unlike any other, and my heart goes out to all those directly affected by this cancellation. Selfishly, I’ll also miss seeing old car buddies, driving around the Monterey peninsula all weekend, and helping to judge a class at this amazing event. This year would have featured Carrera Panamericana, Pininfarina coachwork and Miller race cars, which will all move forward to 2021.

Last summer, Ken Gross asked me to help judge the Hot Rod Cover Car class at Pebble Beach with him, which was an incredible honor. I found this video below where Ken introduces all the vehicles… Enjoy.

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