Don Jensen’s 1940 Ford

Don Jensen’s 1940 Ford

I woke up this morning thinking I was going to find something to post that brought together the Super Bowl and hot rodding in some way, but as I searched my archives I ran into something I liked more.

In 2001, Don Jensen sent me an email with three attachments. I don’t have the email anymore, but in my notes I recorded three lines:

  • Don Jensen and his 1940 Ford
  • Prepped for the 1955 NHRA Nationals
  • Great Bend, KS

I wish I had more photos from Don’s trip, but honestly it would be damned hard to beat his ’40 coupe. I love every little detail – from the yellow paint, to the perfect flames, to the massive rake, etc… It’s a perfect mid-1950’s hot rod in every way.

And it’s sort of amazing to me that I never thought to post this before now. Better late than never. Enjoy:

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