A Random Look Back…

A Random Look Back…

So when I die, I dream of a mad dash for my photo archive. You fellas had better not let me down either… I want all kinds of mischief and shenanigans in an effort to secure what I got and no one else cares about.

And I pity the poor fool that actually gets his hands on my hard drives. To anyone other than myself, it looks like a disorganized mess of folders and sub-folders and naming conventions and… But to me, it’s perfectly in order and 100% secured and backed-up.

I do, however, have a separate dumping ground for my personal stuff. It’s an area of my drives that I rarely venture into anymore and I figured it might be interesting this morning to post some random stuff from it. I believe all of this stuff was taken prior to 2010 and I don’t know that I’ve ever posted any of it, but a few might have slipped on here at one time or another.

There’s no context here… Just a bunch of random photos from a random time in life. I am completely distracted with a project I’m working on in the shop, but I figured there’s a few minutes of entertainment in here anyhow. So, enjoy:

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