Take a Look at the Texas Termite

Take a Look at the Texas Termite

It’s no secret that the Street Rod Nationals can be a strange place. During my trip to Louisville last week, I saw nearly 13,000 cars crammed onto the grounds of the Kentucky Expo Center. Some were good, some were bad, some fit the guidelines here and the vast majority of them didn’t. In Derby City, I was asked to run in a 3 a.m. footrace, offered a fried bologna sandwich, overheard some conversations I wished I hadn’t, and watched one hell of a homegrown burnout contest that lasted until the early morning hours. Donuts, blowouts and, yes, even police helicopters were all part of the equation.

As thrilling as that was, I was perhaps most excited when I came across today’s subject late on Sunday morning. The show was coming to a close, and I found myself wandering around the swap meet area searching for someone to interview for our Rodder’s Journal Live video series. Then, in the car corral, I saw the “Texas Termite.”

The what? I had never heard of it, but I soon learned that the Termite was a ’32 Plymouth that was campaigned in B/Gas Supercharged by the Eliminators Racing Team. Based out of Abilene, the car was raced everywhere from Texas and Oklahoma to the ’65 Winternationals in Pomona—and it had the plaques and decals to prove it. At one point the coupe was painted a metallic turquoise, and it was eventually resprayed in a reddish/copper hue and treated to hand-lettering throughout. Highlights included: “B&M Hydro-Stick,” “Scott Injectors,” and “Keep Off! Fiberglass.” I love it.

From the chopped top and high-riding stance to the liberally drilled sun visor and vintage waterslide decals, the Termite was the genuine article. It’s not a tribute and it’s not a clone. Instead, it’s a survivor from our hobby’s Golden Age. Everywhere you look you’ll find pieces of the past—and that’s why it grabbed my attention in that sea of thousands and thousands of cars. With some chassis updates and a new driveline, I could see this car pulling up to the line at the H.A.M.B. Drags. Couldn’t you? In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind Texas time capsule.

Joey Ukrop

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