Draw a Hot Rod in 8 Easy Steps!

Draw a Hot Rod in 8 Easy Steps!

First of all, if you’re a closet Keith Weesner or actually pretty draw well, stop reading this now. This one is for all the guys who aren’t super sketch artists… You might chicken scratch a smiley face or a stick figure every now and then, but you’ve never really tried to draw a hot rod. Let me show you the simplest version of a roadster that pretty much anyone with a steady hand can create in about 8 steps. First, get a pencil (or a pen if you’re really committed) and some smooth paper. You can use lined or grid paper if it helps you draw a little straighter. We are going to draw our hot rod in profile- Just a straightforward side view with no perspective. You still with me?

Step 1: Draw some tires. I like to make them slightly oval, bigger in the back, and canted forward so it looks like they are in motion. How far apart the tires are drawn will set your wheelbase. Now draw a line between those tires. However you angle this line will set the ride height and rake of your car.

Step 2: Draw your body- Start with a firewall as perfectly vertical as possible, then draw your roadster (or coupe, tudor, etc.) body to the back. Play with shapes, and it might take a few tries to get a profile you like. See? It already looks like a car!

Step 3: Draw your windshield and top rail of frame between the firewall and the front tire.

Step 4: Add your grille right above the center point of the front wheel, just like on a real hot rod. I like to make a headlight and some frame horns poke out of the front a bit.

Step 5: Add your wheel centers and darken the inner edge of the tires to imply a bit of depth. You can do this anytime after step 1, really.

Step 6: Almost there! Add your motor. I’ve also added a curved ground line for the car to sit on. If you want to get some front wheel lift, leave a gap!

Step 7: I’ve added a driver wearing a helmet and given him a seat back.

Step 8: You can dress it up a bit with scallops, flames, or side trim. I’ve darkened the tires a bit more and added some smoke to imply more motion. Don’t forget to sign your piece, too! If it doesn’t look great, just try again. It will keep getting better with practice…




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