Part 2: Hot Rods In Hawaii

Part 2: Hot Rods In Hawaii

Still in Hawaii… Not thinking about you. But, I do think about hot rods every now and then when I’m not dodging Tiger sharks with my oldest. Life ain’t bad out here. I could do this.

Anyway, I have no idea where this image was taken – I just found it on my hard drive and the background is, at the very least, island inspired. The foreground ain’t bad either.

Editor’s Note: You know the one thing I can never get past with little T-roadsters? The driver always looks like a monkey banging a football. The scale is just so off as far as sitting position, etc… goes. Without a driver they look so damned good though.

Second Editor’s Note: I just realized this one will go live on Independence Day… So, to the Americans – Happy 4th!

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