The Roadside Toolbox

The Roadside Toolbox

So we have a thread on vintage tool boxes already and it’s a damned good one. What we don’t have is a thread dedicated to toolboxes used for roadside repair kits. My biggest problem with these boxes is that I tend to get super cool 1940’s era boxes, fill them with what I need, and end up with something that weighs as much as damned Snap-On roll around chest. In the past, I’ve combatted that by condensing down to old ammo boxes and the like… but recently I’ve found myself in need and I’ve been giving a lot of thought towards trying out an old aluminum tackle box.

In any case, I’m crazy busy getting all the new merch ready and figured I’d just make a post featuring my latest obsession – roadside repair toolboxes. It’s a thread we need anyway and I’m looking for opportunities to kill a few birds with one stone. So, post what ya got or what inspires ya and let’s create something special.

Here’s what’s in my inspiration folder at the moment:

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