1 Roll

1 Roll

About fifteen years ago, I bought my first Leica camera. It’s an M3 that has been a beater its entire life. The leather has pealed away from it’s body, there is a massive light leak on one side of the film flap, the shutter speeds seem only semi-accurate, etc… For all intents and purposes, this camera needs to be torn apart and restored from the inside out. I never had the money or the inclination, so I just loaded a roll of Tri-X in the thing and decided to use it as a REVOLUTION camera. By that, I mean I’d take it out at every Hot Rod Revolution, fire a few shots, and then put it away until the event rolled around again.

Anyway, a good pal of mine is getting into film cameras and desperately wants a Leica to play with. I figured my old beater would be a good starting point for him… and that single roll of tri-X was almost out of frames, so something had to give. This morning, I finally developed the film.

Obviously, not all of these are keepers… BUT, I thought the whole roll told a story of sorts. Enjoy:

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