Shoebox Update

Shoebox Update

I’ve had a crazy morning that started off with a minor family emergency trip to the ER. Everything is cool now, but my time got crunched and I didn’t have any room at all for a feature post this morning. So, in order to keep my streak of continuing content going I had to come up with something. That something is a quick video run down of a little project I completed this weekend on my shoebox Ford.

Lee Pratt is Lee Pratt… So, when I got the car there was really nothing about it I didn’t like. I mean, it’s perfect from just about every aspect. The only thing that didn’t suit me personally was the accessory gauges. Lee used Stewart Warner greenline reproductions and they are actually pretty nice as far as modern gauges go, but I have a hard time staring at modern gauges when driving such a period car.

The solution? I wired up the original gauge cluster for oil pressure and water temp and then replaced the repro tach with an early Sun “football” tach that had recently gone through a solid state conversion by Williamson’s. It works fantastic and looks just as good.

Anyway, check it out:

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