Mail Dump from 2000

Mail Dump from 2000

Back in the day, I used to do these little entries on The Jalopy Journal that featured all of the images from my inbox that I had received that month. I don’t remember why I stopped doing those, but something made me remember them early this morning and I decided to go through my inbox archive to see what I could find.

So, what you see here is all of the images attached to messages I received in January of 2000. Many of them are illustrations from Chris Ito, some are shots taken of my shops as I moved from Norman, OK to Kansas City, MO, and others are just random shots with no context provided.

I guess I’m getting old, because I love looking at shit like this. It gives me perspective of where I came from and where I am and… really, it just helps remind me of what I am in this weird way.

Anyway, check it out:

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