The State Of Things…

The State Of Things…

Holy crap… What a week. It all started about ten days ago when a technician at our hosting provider let it slip that there had been a pretty big managerial change at the company. Which would be fine I guess… had they let me know about the change through proper channels and in a more professional way. But it seemed like they were trying to keep me somehow sequestered from the truth and I got spooked. So, in less than 12 hours I made a list of perspective new hosts, interviewed all of them, and chose my favorite.

That was the easy part.

The hard part was migrating each of my websites from the old host, where I had been for almost a decade, to the new host without causing too much of a problem for you guys. Thanks to the German (He came back to help me in a time of need… Pals.) and all of the great people at KnownHost, the transition went incredibly smooth. In fact, we were only down for about three hours.

This passage into a new modern world of technology (holy crap our new servers are amazing) didn’t come without a cost though. In the past ten days, I’ve had 19 hours of sleep. Total. Presently, I’m a zombie. No really… There’s nothing between my ears at the moment. I’m incapable of processing even the simplest of commands and it’s a damned miracle that I’m even typing this right now. The only motivation I have is that sleep is finally just around the corner.

Anyway… I just wanted to keep you guys abreast of the goings on at the Atomic Industry World Headquarters. And that’s that.


But I can’t just post a bunch of misery and tech mumbo jumbo and call it content for the day. So, I present to you John Cox’s 1956 Mercury. This shot of John’s Merc is the only one that I have. I swiped it from Kustomrama this morning… But it’s a car I’ve thought about every single time I shoot a mid-century Mercury.

The stance. The Chrysler trim. The Chrysler taillights. The Olds caps. The… Does a ’56 Mercury get any better? I don’t think it does… I just wish I had more shots of it.

Editor’s Note: I’m a little behind on Alliance tag stamping due to the server change-over crap. However, I plan on stamping today and shipping tomorrow. So, stay tuned… and thanks for your patience.

Editor’s Note #2: I’ll be back next week at full strength… and full of piss and vinegar. So ’till then…

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