The Seaburst…

The Seaburst…

This is pretty amazing… The Seaburst is a 1957 Ford that was featured in a number of different publications including Car Craft in 1963 and again in 1964. I think Steve Stanford said it best when he said, “A radical custom done tastefully from an era known for excess…”

He’s right… Most of the well known customs from the early 60’s put a priority on show points over form. Von Hunter, the builder of Seaburst, did not… He built a radical custom by mostly subtraction and this lead to the timeless car you see here.

The truly amazing aspect of all this, however, is the fact that the car has survived through the decades with most of its details intact. In fact, other than a drivetrain swap the car sits today almost identically to how it did when it was originally built. It’s now owned by a local Austin HAMBer and… it’s for sale.

Check it out.

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