2018 Can Go Straight To Hell…

2018 Can Go Straight To Hell…

Man, the Cochran’s have a had a rough start to the new year. It actually started the day before Christmas when my oldest daughter took a stilt to the face and got 4 stitches for Christmas. And then, on New Years Day my football team lost in double overtime. From there, mother nature showed her bad side and froze the living hell out of central Texas.

That cold air, in turn, took out the controller to our well pump. Seems minor to you city folk, but to put it in terms you can understand – a well pump controller costs about as much as a set of those fancy new aluminum Y-block heads with the roller rocker option. Shit.

But it doesn’t end there… The same daughter that took a stilt to the face came down with a nasty flu yesterday. And since we don’t have the water to evacuate the stuff she needs evacuated (I’m trying to be polite here), we had to get a hotel room in town. Shit. Again. Literally.

Anyway, let’s get this party started in a more positive direction now. Since the new year is here, it’s the perfect time to add a calendar to your wall. But what’s better than one calendar? How’s about two?

Until they last, you can now get one H.A.M.B. Calendar and one Rodder’s Journal Calendar for a shade under $20. Come at me.

Details here.

Note: I’m a bit behind on stamping alliance tags due to the holidays and my troubles at home. But, this week will see me Rally. If you are waiting, you should start checking your mailbox later this week.

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