A Few Tools Short

A Few Tools Short


These next two weeks are going to be crazy for me. In just five short days I will be hosting the 4th annual H.A.M.B. Drags followed by my first west coast show ever – The Hot Rod Revolution. It’s a crazy schedule that was spawned by Tardel and I one night during the Lone Star Roundup and after one too many margaritas. What were we thinking?

I’m the first to admit that scheduling these shows on back-to-back weekends was a bit of a mistake, but I am excited about it now. I’m considering it a test of sorts… You always hear that turning a hobby into a business is a great scenario for ruining a pretty good hobby, but I don’t know if this hypothesis was ever tested on a subject like myself. I think/sleep/eat cars 99% of my day anyway and can’t ever imagine just wanting a “break” from it all. Just check my ass into a mental hospital if I start complaining about “work”.

Anyway, posts might be a little less comprehensive from me for the next week or so as I get from event to event, but expect big things after September 2!

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