A Crap Ton Of New Swag…

A Crap Ton Of New Swag…

Like a lot of seemingly innocuous things these days, marketing really pisses me off. Or maybe it’s not marketing per se, but promotion. Either way, I get really annoyed at browsing the internet or scrolling through some social media feed and seeing instance after instance of people saying, “Look at me! Buy my shit!”

But… here I am… on “Cyber Monday” no less… instructing you guys to look at me… and to buy my shit… I gotta make a living too I suppose. So without further ado, here’s my installment of self-absorption and capitalism:

Maintenance Labels

I did a ton of research before printing these… “US Label” printed most of the maintenance tags in the 1940’s and 50’s and their most commonly used size was 1.5″ wide by 7″ tall, so I went with the same. I then sourced some matte vinyl and did a lot of testing with adhesive. What I ended up with was a classic maintenance label that will stay on your door jam during a car wash, but won’t take off the paint when it’s time to slap on a new one. I’m super proud of em…

Each pack includes 10 maintenance labels – 5 feature the H.A.M.B. logo and 5 feature The Jalopy Journal logo.

Buy yours here.

The 1951 Calendar

Just in the nick of time… The 1951/2018 H.A.M.B. Calendar is an austere attempt at a vintage garage calendar and a follow up to the highly successful piece we did a couple of years ago. Essentially, we took a 9″ wide by 14″ tall piece of card stock, printed a beautiful pinup piece rendered by the world famous Jeff Norwell on it, and then stapled 12 sheets of tear-off paper on the front of that. The result is a classic calendar perfectly suited for your shop or office wall.

Buy yours here.

The Safe House Key Tags

Every safe house needs a key, right? And a key needs something to make it stand out in your pocket over your pennies. So…

Buy yours here.

Long & Short Shirts

Shirts of both the long and short sleeve variety… even if you support Knowbody.

Buy yours here.

Gear For Your Head

Everything ya need to protect your head…

Buys yours here.

The Black & Tan Glovebox Wallet

AND… I got a few more of these glovebox wallets in stock. You guys asked and while I didn’t get a huge number of them, there should be enough to fill instant demand.

Buy yours here.


There’s more, but self awareness is creeping in… and I don’t wanna be that guy in too amplified of a way, so I’ll end this spam here. If you’re interested in any of this swag, check it all out in our store.

Ohhh… and an editor’s note of sorts: Both the beanies and the key tags are due here in the next couple of days, but I don’t have either in hand yet. Given that, expect shipping to be delayed a couple of days.

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