Marketing Is For The Desperate

Marketing Is For The Desperate

I like the idea of living in the middle of knowhere. I cherish being out of reach. I welcome loneliness… and I loathe being called upon coldly without first showing at least some cue of interest.

Sometime between the ages of 18 and 41, I’ve slowly morphed into a more radical version of Ron Swanson. And as social media becomes more and more repugnant and vain and based around self and promotion and… I can’t express with words the way it all makes me feel.

As such, it really is ironic that I started my career in the marketing industry and that I make my living building communities online. I reconcile it all in my head by reminding myself that I don’t have a Facebook account and that my forums, by and large, are based about education in one form or another and not vanity.

Smoke, meet my ass. Now leave.


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