More Film & Hot Rods

More Film & Hot Rods

For whatever reason, the topic of 35mm film cameras and hot rods came up a bunch on the forum last week. I’ve got a passion for 35mm film as well as old run down Leica cameras, so this was something that hit super close to home. As such, I thought I would share a couple of links with you guys of coverage featuring events we all cherish using tools that I am incredibly passionate about.

The first is the Race Of Gentlemen – Check it out here.

And the second is another beach race… Pendine Sands – Check it out here.

Both events were covered by Johannes Huwe – a guy that knows his way around a Leica M and that has a real photographer’s eye for action and drama. This is the kind of stuff that I absolutely live for. To me, this is art of the finest pedigree.


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