Webb’s Golden Sub

Webb’s Golden Sub

The Golden Submarine was first unveiled at the Maywood Speedway near Chicago Illinois in June of 1917. Despite posting a qualifying speed of 107.4 mph, the car failed to finish the 250 mile race and dropped out with engine problems. The Golden Submarine only got better and won its first race just a month later. That success continued for a couple of years until the car became obsolete. From there, it’s your typical race car sob story that finally ends with the car sitting in a barn that burns to the ground.

The original Golden Submarine.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Dan Webb and his band of merry men have decided to recreate the car using modern materials and techniques. You’ve probably seen progress pictures from the Autorama or other publications. Well, there has been more progress… Traditional, contemporary, alternative, etc… Sometimes a car is so damn good that none of that stuff even matters.

Check it out.

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