A ’26 Ford Roadster The Right Way

A ’26 Ford Roadster The Right Way

I like sleak lines, low profiles, and fluid silloettes. When I think about Model-T’s, I usually think about Herman Munster or, well… Let’s just be frank – Typically, Henry’s really early stuff is tall and somewhat ungainly even when hot rodded. While there is some charm in that look and certainly some historical significance, it has just never been my thing.

As such, I rarely see any pre-29 Fords that I would want to take home. Last night, I found one. A member in North Carolina is selling a perfect little ’26 Roadster built by his now deceased pal. It’s a sad story on all accounts, but there is no arguing the look of the car. You sit in it, not on it. It’s low. It’s sleak. It looks like it’s hauling ass while sitting still. And best of all? It’s pretty damned affordable.

Check it out.

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